Saturday, November 02, 2013

Day 2 - LinkedIn

I opened my email this morning and found a message from LinkedIn asking me to congratulate a contact on a new position. I have not seen her face to face in years, but I remember liking her well enough, and I wondered how she had landed her gigs. Why not drop her a line?

I opened LinkedIn and sent her a message, and I felt good about it. I'm looking for additional part-time work, and suddenly I thought, "Maybe I should be looking in LinkedIn." It's nice to see all those endorsements and be reminded of some of the stuff I've done and people I've worked with. No doubt this is why LinkedIn sends those emails!

But then I fell into the hole of updating my profile. LinkedIn tries to be helpful, and I have to say, the interface has become much easier to use over time. But aside from being a time sink -- I wasn't planning on doing this stuff this morning -- it made my heart sink. It seemed like a monumental task to either remember or go find descriptions of projects, links to publications, stuff like that. I don't have that time right  now -- I have a blog post to write. Come on, people!

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