Thursday, April 01, 2010

Still reading

I'm still reading Dear Money, or rather, I'm reading it again. I got so frustrated with the poor little successful author who wanted to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous in New York I had to put it down. I care just barely enough about some of the characters (although not the author protagonist) to see it through. I think.

In the meantime, I read Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay, the one Dexter book I still had left. I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as the others. It could have been that I was distracted a lot while reading; I was visiting my mother and was repeatedly interrupted. But that's not really it. In Dexter in the Dark, Lindsay explains Dexter in an otherworldly fashion -- his suffering has called to him an evil spirit that drives him to kill.

Why, why, why? Why mess with Dexter-as-sociopath? He's much more interesting when he is merely human. Now we know that his evil acts actually stem from evil, as an entity separate from humanity, that has inhabited him. Most unsatisfactory. Perhaps I should seek out an author interview to see if he explains himself. Humph.


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