Monday, November 04, 2013

Is There Anything to Eat Around Here?

I am confused about what to eat.

A couple weeks ago, a friend dragged out the book The China Study, which recommends a vegan diet, and said it cured his shoulder pain. This guy was an engineer in his working life, so he shouldn't fall for just any scheme. He liked to point to the book's extensive bibliography as proof that a vegan diet is what we should all be on.

Last year at the public library where I work, Wheat Belly was one of the most circulated books. It describes the perils of eating modern wheat products and says cutting it out of your diet will cure your allergies and arthritis. This book also has plenty of scientific studies in its bibliography.

Recently, a colleague claimed a friend gave up cheese and got rid of her allergies. (No references given.) My nephew is on the Paleo Diet.

What's a girl who wants to lose 10 pounds and be less troubled by allergies and arthritis to think?

I tried the Wheat Belly diet. It was difficult, the ingredients expensive. I lost a few pounds but found the siren call of cookies and cakes too much bear.

I have cut back on my dairy, but I am loathe to give up pizza and pastas with cheese.

I have tried to cook completely vegetarian but never succeeded. I am not creative enough to provide sufficient variety, and it's just much easier for me to cook incorporating meat products. OK, I'm a bit lazy, I'll admit, but it's a factor one must consider.

I wish I could go to a resort for a month and have them cook for me and provide exercise. I'm sure I'd lose weight and get in good shape then. But of course, I'd have to keep it up once I got home, and that's the rub.

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