Friday, February 26, 2010

"I'm still thinking"

In It's a Wonderful Life, when George is a kid and working the soda fountain at Mr. Gower's drug store, Mary and Violet come in. George says, "Made up your mind yet?" Violet tells George what she wants, licorice or something, but Mary says, "I'm still thinking," in a sort of pouty way. That's how the title of this post should be read.

What I'm thinking about is what to do with this blog. I'm not giving up book reviews, far from it. But it must be annoying just to see links to another site here instead of genuine content. I admit, this blog exists purely for my purposes -- to have a destination blog for Blogcritics, and to get to know WordPress.

It's a pain to posts reviews in two places doesn't seem worth it when its essentially the same stuff. I've been messing around with Twitter, too, and it occurred to me maybe I should tweet what I'm reading, and also my reviews. Then it occurred to me: why don't I write about reading?

I have had a really productive week, I am pleased to report. I finished a book last weekend -- now it's Friday and I don't remember which it was! Oh yeah, No Mercy by Lori Armstrong. Anyway, I got that review posted, as well as a review of The Hidden Brain. Right now I'm reading The Blue Orchard for review in Blogcritics. I'm liking it, but when I'm done -- I HAVE NO BOOKS WAITING FOR REVIEW! Whoo-hoo!!

I love getting books to review, but they gang up on me. It is so freeing to look at the book pile and know I'm not obligated to read them. Or write about them. I can read in whatever order I like! I can even drop everything and read another Dexter, which I'm dying to do.

Well, signing off for now. Time to go home and READ! :-)

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