Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dr. House Must Cry

In the weeks leading up to the prime time Emmy awards, there were many articles about the contenders for best actor in a drama series. Hugh Laurie was nominated for the second time in three years for his portrayal of Dr. Gregory House on House, MD, but most expected James Gandolfini to win for his last outing as Tony Soprano. One analyst reported on the episode submitted from Boston Legal featuring James Spader, considered a dark horse to win. The episode was unremarkable, the writer said, except for scenes at the end in the courtroom, where Spader apparently gave an impressive performance, no doubt full of emotion. Spader won.

So here's my contention: Hugh Laurie won't win the Emmy until Dr. House cries.

Hugh Laurie does a remarkable acting job just playing Gregory House as his usual self: sarcastic, caustic, juvenile. Anyone who's ever seen Laurie interviewed can see he is not at all like the character he plays (musical talent not withstanding, but they added that because Hugh has it). It starts with the accent, but it it's the whole deal: Hugh Laurie is gracious and self-deprecating and comes off as a kind person. Gregory House is none of those things.

The problem is, House has a limited range. He gets angry and yells, he's very funny, he's very smart, but he's so detached from people, he doesn't seem to have the whole range of human emotion. The greatest extreme we've ever scene House in is great physical pain. He's never really happy, and he's always kind of sad. It took him overdosing to show that he was lonely on Christmas Eve.

Therefore, whatever episode the producers submit to the Emmy judges, they always get the same old House, played to perfection. What gets rewarded in acting circles is emoting. So, producers of House, MD, please write a script in which Dr. House is actually emotionally touched. And have him show it.

Now, what in the world would touch House if the return of the love of his life, his nearly losing his life, and losing his team do not? Maybe if he realized he killed a patient by making a blatant mistake? Maybe if Wilson died? Or how about, House kills Cameron by mistake?

I don't know. All I know is, Hugh Laurie must be given a greater range to play if he's going to win an Emmy.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion. House gets caught up in depression. He is about to overdose on drugs in his house, when Cameron comes in. He would try every means to get her to leave. Now, Cameron being the sweet kind girl, goes against everything she believes. She takes the drugs from his grasp, and inserts them into herself. "If you go down, House, you're not going alone."
Suddenly House notices that Camerons eyes are paler and she is sweating. "You idiot. Your body isn't immune to these". "You should be happy House" Cameron says as she falls to her knees. You're not going to die." She collapsed and then he quickly called Emergency. After sitting by her side making sure she's alright, he sees that an ambulance is going to take too long. He picks her up and limps to his vehicle. He rushes through traffic to try to get to the Hospital.
Meanwhile, word passed that it was at House's home where the ambulance was headed. The doctors and nurses were afraid. Cuddy especially. He bolts through the doors and says "What happened? Oh my god, it's Cameron."I need a room immediately" and he goes on with his instructions to people. He goes and lays her on the bed. He performs immediate opperation to remove the substance from her body, because he discovers that she is deathly illergic to it. After an hour or two of working, he gets really worried, saying that she could die if he doesn't redo the operation or something. He sweats really bad and his face is beat red. Whenever someone said they'd take over, he shoo'd them off. he closed her up and thought she's be okay. Suddenly her heart stopped. He yelled "Give me the chest clampers!"(or whatever their called). "CLEAR!" She didn't respond. "Dammit!" He tried again. He tried everything he could think of, until a doctor put his hand on him and said "House, she's gone." His eyes grew huge and he said "Get out". Everyone left him alone. House decided to think of it all as a fairytale. He leaned over and kissed her, and didn't stop. Suddenly, KABAM!! She's back. "You idiots can come back now!" They all saw what happened and were in awe. "What was that? Some kind of fairytale true love kiss?" He avoided the subject until She was totally fine, then he left. Cuddy or someone called to him as he headed out through the doors "You love her." He stopped and looked back, frowned with his eyes in total sorrow, and walked away.
Meanwhile, Cameron wakes up to someone by her side. "Where's House?" she asks "I think he went home." "Can I have alone time? I need to rest." The nurse leaves her be. Cameron takes out the needle in her arm and she bolts out of the doors. She walks really fast and just as she walks out the door, voila. House was standing right there facing her. "That took longer than I thought." " saved me.." "I saved a patient. Someone who decided to go to my place and get stoned out of her mind on drugs that she's illergic to. A really stupid patient who stole my high. And all you can say is "You saved me". "Why did you kiss me?" "I guess that word spread to you fast." "No one told me. I just knew. He looked at her at said "I knew what you wanted, and if it was the only thing I had to do to save you, well...I obviously had to do it. Don't take it personally, but it wasn't exactly for you...personally. A tear fell down and she looked at him once and began to walk away. He followed her on the streets. "So, you're so careless as to go out and rip your stitches, and die?" "I WOULD RATHER DIE! ONLY ONE THING MADE ME TURN FROM THAT DAMN LIGHT!!! SCREW OFF!! YOU ARE COLD HOUSE. NO FEELING, YOU'RE JUST EMPTY INSIDE! WHY I LOVE YOU IS COMPLETELY BEYOND ME.
It's beyond me too...Why I love you." "What?" He just leaned down and kissed her so passionately.

I don't know what could go next, but yeah. It's just a suggestion.